United for defined VIP quality standards

Due to the increased demands for vacuum insulation panels, especially in the construction sector as well as the fact that the normative regulations for VIPs are not yet available, well known manufacturers of VIPs as well as suppliers of barrier films and raw materials decided in April 2008, to found the VIP group under the umbrella of the Güteschutzgemeinschaft Hartschaum e.V. (GSH).

The goal was and still is, to create a comparability of the systems, based on uniform and fixed quality- and test conditions, as an objective basis for decisions of the market and to build trust in this new insulation technology.

The VIP RAL quality label stands for tested and consistently high quality of vacuum insulation panels in the construction sector.

For fabricators, architects, planners and developers, it is a clearly recognizable symbol for a defined product quality.

The VIP label has already established itself firmly in the market and will strengthen its position as a decision criterion further on.

On the following pages you will find detailed information and background on the label itself and the broader activities of the RAL VIP group.

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