The GSH VIP-Group – part of a strong community

The GSH VIP group is part of the Güteschutzgemeinschaft Hartschaum e.V.- an association of European insulation manufacturers. This association works as a surveillance and certification body for insulation products and is recognized by the building authorities (No. ÜG049). As European surveillance and certification body (Nr.0919) GSH is notified by the European Commission.

All members are committed to take responsibility by themselves for quality assurance and quality control, in order to offer and guarantee only high-quality materials with verifiable qualities.

With the RAL quality label the manufacturers demonstrate their high quality approach since decades.

In the context of the principles for quality labels, the quality- and test-conditions "vacuum insulation panels quality assurance RAL-RZ 960" were developed and adopted in a recognition procedure in March 2009.

As a basic precondition for the awarding of the label, a technical approval of the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt) for the vacuum insulation panel is requested.

Dated 29 July 2009, the first GSH certificate of the recognized and sign privileged RAL VIP quality label was presented.

Certificates and Diplomas were awarded to several members in the meantime. Members can use the label as soon as all information required in the quality conditions are provided and a control of the WPK (factory production control system) has been done.

In addition to the building and construction approval and the Ü-label for the external quality control, the RAL quality label will further contribute to strengthen the confidence of processors and consumers in the quality of vacuum insulation panels (VIPs).