A strong alliance – for sustainabilty and efficiency

Producers of Vacuum-Insulation-Panels
Microtherm - is a leading provider of advanced thermal insulation solutions for applications at all temperatures.
Porextherm - Porextherm is one of the world-wide leading suppliers of microporous high-performance insulation materials based on fumed silica.
Our slogan is "create space – save energy”.
With our custom-made, high-performance Vacuum Insulation Panels, we help to save an enormous amount of energy or we can create considerably more space due to the low thickness in comparison to conventional insulation systems.
Vaku-Isotherm - is specialised in the manufacturing of vacuum insulation panels (VIP).
The focus is placed on ultra-high-performance insulation materials for the construction industry. Specially modified insulation panels offer solutions with significantly reduced space requirements for practically all insulation tasks encountered in construction.

Suppliers for the production of V
Cabot - Cabot Corporation is a global performance materials company, headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. Our primary products are rubber and specialty grade carbon blacks, inkjet colorants, fumed metal oxides, aerogel and cesium formate drilling fluids.

Evonik - is one of the world wide leading companies for specialty chemicals.

Hanita Coatings
Hanita Coatings - Since 1983, Hanita Coatings has specialized in the development and production of engineered films manufactured by sophisticated roll-to-roll conversion processes. As a market leader in insulation laminates for VIPs, a developer of core photovoltaic materials, and a central player in the field of solar control window films, Hanita provides energy-efficiency solutions to customers across the globe.
Kaefer - we are not easily recognisable but we are there. You find us in factories, power stations and on drilling platforms. In tunnels and on piping. In ships, football stadiums and research facilities. In clinics, hotels and schools. We are everywhere. Maybe even where you are right now.