The Vacuum Insulation Panel Association (VIPA International) is a global trade association representing the interests of manufacturers of vacuum insulation panels as well as supply chain. The mission of the association is to act as the global voice of the vacuum insulation panel industry, promote quality and raise awareness of the potential to save space and energy costs.

  • Compressive strength of vacuum insulation panels according to EN 826: difficulties with the measurement results for VIPs and possible solutions
    Description of the project:
    Results of compressive strength according to EN 826 of VIPs without any facings (e.g. EPS, PU, etc.) are difficult to evaluate. The main reason is the absence of a linear range in the stress-strain graph, caused by warping of the panel, surface joints and the general behaviour of an inhomogeneous product under load. The consequence of this is that the values for the compressive strength for products on the market are highly depending on the skills of the testing laboratory and show a rather high range of diversity. This project will describe possible approaches to eliminate the fortuity and to increase the reproducibility for the compressive strength measurement on VIPs.
  • Calibration of the lift-off technique for measuring the internal pressure of fumed silica VIPs and determination of boundary conditions for the lift-off measurements and processing of measurement raw data
    Description of the project: 
    The foil lift-off technique is the most commonly used method to determine the internal pressure of VIPs during and after the production process. It is used for more than a decade now without any evidence or comparison to a direct and calibrated measurement method. Besides, boundary conditions for the measurement of the internal pressure according to the lift-off technique are not fixed in a standard or in scientific articles.

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The service life of vacuum insulation panel (VIP) is a crucial quality criterion.

FIW Sonderdruck aus Bauphysik 33In applications such as the construction industry, but also in the refrigerator industry, very high demands on lifetime are defined.

In the article "Studies on aging and thermal bridges in vacuum insulation panels (VIPs) for building applications" by Dipl.-Ing. Christoph Sprengard and Dr. Ing Martin H. Spitzner / FIW Munich, this issue is comprehensively illuminated.

The article can be downloaded as special edition (No. 60) of Building Physics 33 (2011), Issue 4 under:


As the latest member, the group can welcome the company Hanita Coatings from Israel, since beginning of 2012.

Moreover, we succeeded during our last GSH - General Meeting to inspire the raw material producers Cabot Corporation / USA and Evonik / Germany for a membership.

The doors to participate in the GSH are open at any time. All VIP manufacturers, raw material suppliers, VIP processing companies and also institutes and research institutions involved in the VIP technology are invited to be a member or guest member in this community and get involved to help that confidence in these highly efficient insulation technology will be strengthened further.

Concerning VIP standardization there has been an important decision by the European Standard Organization CEN.

On 14th June 2012 a Plenary Meeting of the European Committee for Standardization CEN/TC 88 “Thermal insulation materials and products” took place in Munich. The CEN/TC 88 committee agreed on the following decision:

Decision 551 (Munich 1, 2012-06-14): Creation of a new Working Group "VIP" and Appointment of its Convenor

CEN/TC 88 agrees to create the WG11 "VIP", dealing with the NWI for vacuum insulation panels (prEN ISO 16478) with VA with ISO/TC 163/SC3 under CEN/TC 88 lead (see Resolution 550). The Secretariat will be held by DIN, and the Convenor shall be nominated by Germany.

National member bodies are asked to nominate their experts.

A first draft for an ISO document has already been established by experts from the companies of St. Gobain-Isover, Porextherm and va-Q-tec.

The 51st GSH - Meeting of Members took place on 24-25. of May 2012 in Verona / Italy.

For the first time, the Meeting of Members took place in the non-German, European area.
The decision for the location also reflects the growing European orientation of the Güteschutzgemeinschaft Hartschaum e.V.(GSH) which is also documented in the meantime by the number of members from the non-German-speaking countries.

How far GSH can follow this trend with respect to the conference language, correspondence, etc. is just under examination inside the organization.