The label makes the difference

In addition to the technical approval the RAL quality label will help to strengthen confidence of manufacturers and consumers in the quality of vacuum insulation panels. Basic precondition for the VIP RAL quality label is, to obtain a technical approval of the German Institute for Building Technology (DIBt).

After an initial assessment by a notified body - designated and approved by GSH - testing of the factory production control system (WPK) must be performed in terms of a self-monitoring.


Initial inspection

The passing of the initial assessment and the initial inspection of factory production control system (WPK) is a precondition for the award and use of the VIP RAL quality label.

In the initial tests, the thermal conductivity, the absorption of moisture, the internal pressure before aging and the aging are measured and a long term value of the thermal conductivity will be determined. In addition, site statistics will be evaluated, which are used as a basis for the self-monitoring process.


Factory production control system (WPK)

In order to comply with quality- and test conditions, all users of the RAL quality label must perform a continuous, factory production control system (WPK) of all quality assured VIPs and document this in written form. The records of the WPK should be presented in an appropriate form, kept for at least ten years and presented at the request of the supervising body.

The properties, to be monitored and documented as part of the WPK are described in the quality- and test conditions RAL-GZ 960 in detail.
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